[EM] language/framing quibble

Fred Gohlke fredgohlke at verizon.net
Sat Mar 21 17:02:45 PDT 2009

Good Afternoon, Juho

re: "Our political systems do have serious problems but on the
      other hand we are somewhat above 'the laws of jungle'."

We may be "... somewhat above 'the laws of the jungle'", but that's no 
testament to our government of ourselves.  We will do better when adopt 
an electoral process that encourages probity instead of suppressing it.

re: "I'd say that all large structures have the tendency to
      become oligarchic (that covers e.g. companies, associations
      and administrative structures in addition to parties)."

Thus, if we seek a democratic electoral system, one of our first 
considerations must be to forestall this oligarchical tendency.  Since, 
as you note elsewhere in your post, "... in all systems people will find 
the loopholes", we must do our utmost to reduce that potential.  We can 
do that by ensuring that every citizen has a fresh and equal opportunity 
to influence the choices made within the political structure, in every 

When everyone participates in the Practical Democracy process, the only 
way I've been able to imagine for an oligarchic tendency to appear is if 
election cycles are infrequent or terms of office are excessive.  Both 
should be matters of great concern to those who implement the process. 
Limiting terms of office to three years and barring elected officials 
from re-election would reduce the potential for an oligarchical 
supremacy to develop.

re: "... And there are new challenges like reaching the limits of
      the earth to support continuous growth of the economy (and
      our well-being), and the exponential growth of human

These challenges are the result of human activity.  The advent of the 
cancerous 'growth' that threatens our existence flows from a political 
system that puts the interests of economic entities above the interests 
of the humans among us.  If we wish to reverse this course we must begin 
by selecting the best of our people as our political leaders.

Fred Gohlke

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