[EM] critical theory - election methods as a remedy

Fred Gohlke fredgohlke at verizon.net
Sat Mar 14 10:28:11 PDT 2009

Good Morning, Michael

re: "... you might consider that a strict implementation of your
      method is unnecessary ... "

I outlined a concept, implementation is a separate step.  It is, I 
think, inevitable that the implementors will modify the method to suit 
the circumstances they deem important.  I may have an opinion about the 
efficacy of those modifications, but whether or not the implementors 
heed my views is beyond my control.

re: "... there is much to be said for these particular freedoms.
      They include:

   i) Triad size unbounded, not limited to 3

[The smaller the group size, the less impediment there is to the 
expression of ideas.  The larger the group size, the greater the 
tendency for members to 'follow the leader'.  A group size of 3 is not 
cast in concrete, but it offers advantages worthy of note.]

  ii) Voter chooses her own triad, and may migrate to another, at
      any time

[If one's goal is to enable multiple parties, this may be a good 
suggestion, but it is not supportive of a non-partisan approach to 
democracy.  Random assignment to small groups reduces the influence of 
parties.  It also ensures that everyone has an equal opportunity to 
participate in, and learn from, the process because the dynamics that 
affect each participant vary from election to election.]

iii) Voter may withdraw her vote, or shift it to another
      candidate, without restriction"

[That is a fundamental tenet of Practical Democracy, as proposed.]

Fred Gohlke

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