[EM] critical theory - election methods as a remedy

Fred Gohlke fredgohlke at verizon.net
Tue Mar 10 06:47:05 PDT 2009

Good Morning, Michael

re: "You and he [Habermas] have similar aims."

That's true.  You could say, for me, he was 'preaching to the choir'. 
Since you cited his work, could it be you share some of his aims?

Thank you for the insight into the Frankfurt School of Critical Theory 
and its aims.  I was unaware of it.  I may try to find out a little more 
about it because I'm interested in learning whether these thoughts have 
been tested.

re: "It happens that you have a prescription, in the form of an
      election method.  It also happens that I have one, and it
      bears a resemblance to yours."

I wonder if there is a basis for merging our efforts.  I suppose my 
approach would be considered too low-tech, but I feel most people are 
better able to communicate verbally than in writing.  I also favor 
physical presence because I feel the visual and auditory clues we get 
from others are significant sources of information.

Fred Gohlke

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