[EM] language/framing quibble

Fred Gohlke fredgohlke at verizon.net
Fri Mar 6 12:55:47 PST 2009

Good Afternoon, James

re: "The person 'they want' may well not want the job."

That is not a flaw, it is a fact of political life.  However, we have no 
right to assume people don't want the job.  We must give everyone an 
opportunity to seek it.  Those who do not want it will make the fact 
known.  The critical issue is that they be allowed to make the decision 
for themselves.

re: "The second flaw is that the reality is that not everyone
      wants [to] make their own political decisions ..."

That, too, is not a decision we have a right to make for others.  It is 
incumbent on those of us who believe in the concept of democracy to 
ensure that everyone in the community has an opportunity to make such 
decisions for themselves.  We must design an electoral process that 
gives every member of the electorate an opportunity to participate to 
the full extent of their desire and ability.  Whether or not they avail 
themselves of that opportunity is a decision they must not be denied.

Our society has no shortage of people who would be commendable political 
leaders.  What we lack is a means by which the best of such people can 
be identified and elevated to positions of leadership.  My post to Juho 
this morning outlined one possibility.  Thoughtful people who recognize 
the untapped resources of humanity can probably suggest others.

Fred Gohlke

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