[EM] NPV vs Condorcet

Dave Ketchum davek at clarityconnect.com
Tue Oct 21 22:39:01 PDT 2008

Context is my proposal to do away with Electoral College and NPV, and elect 
president via Condorcet.

On Tue, 21 Oct 2008 12:51:21 +0100 Raph Frank wrote:
> If some States only use FPTP, then the condorcet winner is going to be
> one of the 2 major parties, right?

NOT necessarily:
      Voters in Condorcet states will know they have Condorcet freedom.
      Voters in FPTP states will know of the above freedom, though they do 
not personally possess such - and should realize that it is less 
destructive than it had been to vote as they desire, within FPTP.
> Any 3rd party candidate would be considered ranked lower than either
> of the top 2 candidates in all States that only allow FPTP.
> Would it ever be worth voting for a 3rd party in FPTP States?
> I guess with a condordcet tie, it might have some effect.
> It has the advantage that it allows the States to use different
> methods.  Approval could also be incorporated into a NPV-condorcet
> summation.

Wile an Approval ballot could be recorded as if a Condorcet ballot, its 
information could not be reconstructed from state total election counts 
(this topic was part of noting that FPTP counts are different).
> If States with 40-50 EC votes (and a reasonable balance of Rep/Dem
> States) joined, they would swing every election, unless it was a
> landslide.  I doubt a non-condorcet winner would be able to landslide,
> so it should not be a major disadvantage for anyone.

> On the amendment, calling a convention could be used to prompt Congress.

Dangerous - you might succeed.

Threatening to call a convention could be productive.
> The small States problem is much harder.  13 States are need to veto
> an amendment.  Nebraska has the 13th lowest population at 1.775
> million (0.58% of the population) and gets 5 EC votes (1.85%).
Take two states, each having three EC votes, and one with six.
Latter state has twice as many voters as the other two.  Double the vote 
counts from the smaller states and they will have the same strength in a 
vote count world.

This is NOT a proposal - just a thought as one way to let small states
keep the extra strength the EC has given them.

Note that such scaling could be applied to the contents of N*N arrays.
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