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Chris Benham cbenhamau at yahoo.com.au
Sun Oct 5 09:51:16 PDT 2008

Chris Benham wrote:
>I  have an idea for a  FBC complying method  that  I think is clearly
>better  than the version of  "Range Voting" (aka  Average Rating or
>Cardinal Ratings)  defined and promoted by  CRV.
>  http://rangevoting.org/
>I suggest that voters use multi-slot ratings ballots that have the bottom
>slots (at least 2 and not more than half) clearly labelled as expressing
>"disapproval" and all others as expressing "Approval".  The default
>rating is the bottom-most.
>Compute each candidate X's  Approval score and also "Approval
>Opposition" score  (the approval score of the most approved candidate
>on ballots that don't approve X).
>All candidates whose approval score is exceeded by their approval
>opposition (AO) score are disqualified.  Elect the undisqualified
>candidate that is highest ordered by Average Rating.
>I suggest many fewer slots than 99  and no  "no opinion" option, so I
>think the resulting method is not more complex for voters.

Kristofer Munsterhjelm  wrote (Monday, 29 September, 2008):
"One way of making it less complex would be to have a cardinal ratings 
(Range) ballot with both positive and negative integers. The voter rates 
every candidate, and those candidates that get below zero points are 
considered disapproved, while those that get above zero are considered 
approved. This idea doesn't specify where those rated at zero (or those 
not rated at all) would appear."

CB:  Thinking about this method idea more, as a practical proposition either
a very simple way of handling the zero on a scale that includes negative and
positive numbers or not having a zero would be better.

One tidy relatively simple version would use a " A B C | D E F" graded ballot
with  ABC shown on the ballot as taken to signify  "approved" or "acceptable"
and DEF  not.   

This could perhaps be promoted as  "Graded Approval".  My technical name
for the method is I suppose  "Approval Strong Minimal Defense, CR".

Chris Benham

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