[Election-Methods] RE : Re: Why monotonicity? (was: Smith +mono-add-top?)

Kevin Venzke stepjak at yahoo.fr
Thu Jan 10 19:46:07 PST 2008


--- daniel radetsky <dradetsky at gmail.com> a écrit :
> That would be nice, but all the evidence to date shows that it is
> > impossible.  No-one has yet devised a voting system that incorporates
> all of
> > the desirable features.
> The evidence does not show that this is impossible. If nobody has
> designed a
> voting system that incorporates all the desirable features this could
> mean:
> A. It is impossible to do so.
> B. We haven't figured out a way to do so.
> C. Our criteria are misguided.
> Remember: most innovations in human history were not available for most
> of
> human history.

Plenty of incompatibilities have been proven at least with rank ballot
methods. I doubt there's good reason to be optimistic about getting around
many of these incompatibilities by changing the ballot type.

Maybe you have something specific in mind though.

Kevin Venzke

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