[Election-Methods] utility theory lesson for a very confused rob brown

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Fri Jan 4 22:34:38 PST 2008


>it's a proof that intensity of preference, not just order, exists.  if you
>and i both prefer A>B>C, but I score them 10/9/0 and you score them 10/1/0,
>then I would take the guarantee of B over the 50/50 chance of A-C.  You
>wouldn't - unless you sucked at math.
Let's assume that that we voted as follows:
You voted  A>B>C   10/9/0
I voted    A>C>B   10/1/0
And somehow A is eliminated (Low count by others)
The election comes down to B or C, and you and I are the last two voters,
 and the count at that point has C leading by 7 votes (Count)
Then you get to vote for B 9-times while I only get to for C 1-time
 and thus B wins by one vote (count).
What happened to the concept of one-person one-vote.
At least in the U.S. the Supreme Count might have something to say about
this election.
You could say that your "large happiness gain" or welfare is greater than my
"slight disappointment loss".
  And society is better of (i.e. Maximizing Social Welfare)
Who's to say my "slight disappointment loss" might be larger (in welfare)
than your "larger happiness gain".
Don Hoffard


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