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--- CLAY SHENTRUP <clay at electopia.org> a écrit :
> > From: Kevin Venzke <stepjak at yahoo.fr>
> > Subject: [Election-Methods] RE : Re:  rcv ala tournament
> > You should remember from past discussions why the claim that "Condorcet
> > voting ... is nowhere near as utilitarian as range voting" was
> criticized.
> > Ask Warren.
> i may not have been on the list at that time, but i think that is an
> absurd notion.

Warren's simulations show that "sincere CondorcetLR" is better than
"strategic Approval." So if Range degenerates into the latter while the
former wouldn't be destroyed by its strategies, we might be better off with
"CondorcetLR" or at least a more FBC-friendly or burial-resistant Condorcet
method. "Strategic Approval" is only about as good as "sincere IRV," and
most or many of us would not find "sincere IRV" to be promising.

Warren asks why we should imagine that Range voters would be more strategic
than Condorcet votes. See bottom of this page under "What if IRV &
Condorcet voters are honest more often than range voters?":

Well, using strategy under Range is advisable (and hardly harmful to
oneself) even with poor information about other voters. You at least can't
elect any awful candidates accidentally. The burial strategy suggested for
Condorcet methods is very dangerous to oneself: If everybody does this and
there's no majority favorite, the winner will be one of the "pawns" used in
the offensive strategy.

So it remains to be seen whether voters under Condorcet are so brash that
they would use offensive strategies (when truncation would suffice) without
confidence that they wouldn't pay dearly for doing so.

Note that rangevoting.org recommends Schulze (WV, according to other pages'
conclusions) if you "insist (in [their] view very foolishly) on using
rank-order ballots." It doesn't recommend IRV, a method that is actually in
use and does not have a record of electing random pawn candidates. So I
conclude that Warren does not believe Schulze(WV) is really that awful.

Kevin Venzke

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