[Election-Methods] rcv ala tournament

rob brown rob at karmatics.com
Sat Dec 29 14:42:39 PST 2007

On Dec 29, 2007 12:53 AM, CLAY SHENTRUP <clay at electopia.org> wrote:

> > Seems like Rob Brown gave us a start on moving ahead.
> the best way to move ahead is to dump ordinal voting methods for
> cardinal ones.

So....you are suggesting that the best way for us all to reach a consensus
and "move ahead" is to....just do things your way?

Wow.  Deep thinker you.

> i don't know why we're still talking about ranked methods in this day and
> age.

Because most people don't agree with you.  I know, it would be nice if those
who yell louder get their way, but it doesn't work that way.  Well, I guess
it does under range voting.
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