[Election-Methods] a story for solstice

CLAY SHENTRUP clay at electopia.org
Sat Dec 29 00:15:43 PST 2007

jan wrote to rob brown:
>Your railing against RV is like lobbying against the unsecured
>vestibule idea. Why are you so keen on FORBIDDING people from casting
>weak votes / making some of their property available for others to

well, the more important question is why he ignores that this is a
_benefit_ of range voting, since it is effectively the most robust to
strategic voting.  of course we can use more complex methods that are
a little better, but impractical for political elections.  the bottom
line is that rob's criticism of range voting actually is a bigger
criticism of his "very own" declared strategy voting (which is just
condorcet), as well as irv/borda/etc.  in that sense, it's actually an
_endorsement_ of range voting, although he perplexingly fails to
realize that.

If you think there would be a whole world of difference between what
Hillary Clinton
would accomplish in the Rome-of-the-Borgias down there on the Potomac,
by comparison
with what Rudy, or Fred, or Mitt would accomplish, you won't be supporting Paul.

If, however, you think that much of the underbrush that has grown up
around our national
institutions this past 40 years needs to by pulled up by the roots and
burned, before it
chokes the life out of our Republic, then Paul's your man.

- John Derbyshire

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