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Kevin Venzke stepjak at yahoo.fr
Mon Dec 17 10:05:35 PST 2007

--- Abd ul-Rahman Lomax <abd at lomaxdesign.com> a écrit :
> At 09:33 AM 12/17/2007, Kevin Venzke wrote:
> >--- Abd ul-Rahman Lomax <abd at lomaxdesign.com> a écrit :
> > > My own opinion is that state parties should directly elect delegates,
> > > not Presidential candidates. Then the delegates make the choice, at
> > > the convention. They can actually .... *deliberate*. What a concept!
> >
> >I'm skeptical that it would be feasible to be elected as delegate
> without
> >being willing to commit to voting for a specific presidential candidate.
> Indeed, that is the problem. However, without 
> something like this, the public will continue to 
> be at the mercy of sophisticated marketing 
> campaigns designed to influence the opinions of 
> people who don't have the time to actually 
> research and understand the issues.

> I don't see any resolution to this problem except 
> breaking down the scale, so that people can 
> choose representatives in the process whom they 
> could know well enough to make an intelligent 
> decision to trust them.

Well, selecting someone to fill a role whose sole function is to vote for a
president... If the voters already have an opinion on the issue then
there's nothing to offer them except to promise to vote the way they want
on the main issue.

The best solution, it seems to me, is to have the decision be made by
people who were elected for some other primary responsibility. For example,
have all the elected mayors (pretending for a moment that all cities have
elected mayors), or someone hand-picked by each mayor, serve also as
delegates. I don't think this would affect races for mayor that much,
especially if they are elected before it's clear who is running for

Kevin Venzke

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