[EM] Real IRV Election, Disputable Result

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In a message dated 14/03/2006 08:55:40 GMT Standard Time, Brian  Olson writes:

Perhaps  the biggest problem in implementing IRV on a state-wide basis  
has to  do with the computation and data requirements of IRV. IRV  
requires  that all the ballot data be collected in one place at one  
time and  processed together. You can't just have precincts report  
their  partial sums, they have to report the full contents of each  
ballot.  IRV becomes awkward in hand-count situations, it really works  
better  on computer. There are still clever ways to do it by hand with   
paper, see   http://bolson.org/voting/manual.html#IRV

This is nonsense. IRV has been used for the Australian House of  
Representatives for over 80 years. If an IRV election could be successfully  counted by 
hand in some of the very large and extremely sparsely populated  districts that 
existed in Australia 80 years ago, with the communication  technology that 
existed 80 years ago, there is no reason why it could not be  done in America 
David Gamble
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