[EM] average over time proportionality election method

Jobst Heitzig heitzig-j at web.de
Sun Mar 5 23:19:33 PST 2006

Hello Ralph!

You in reply to me wrote:
>>Can you prove this? Seems not so obvious to me...
> It is based on the assumption that the "cost" in votes to get elected 
> is roughly the same in every election.  If it always costs 1000 votes 
> to get elected and a candiate gets 300 votes, the candidate is 30% of 
> the way to get a seat.

Sorry to insist, but can you prove the proportionality? I tried some
minutes but failed, so at least it is not obvious... What is obvious is
that more votes lead to being elected more often (=monotonicity), and
having non-zero votes leads to being elected eventually.

Yours, Jobst

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