[EM] possible improved IRV method

RLSuter at aol.com RLSuter at aol.com
Wed Jun 28 17:55:05 PDT 2006

Jonathan Lundell wrote:

>Regardless, your argument illustrates one of my points. You strongly 
>prefer Condorcet voting because (at least in part) you minimize its 
>flaws. But it's a faith-based minimization that assumes a model of 
>voter behavior that, near as I can tell, has little evidence to back 
>it up.

The problem with your arguments is that they are every bit as
conjectural and ungrounded in helpful empirical evidence as the
arguments of others you have described as irrational. I'd like
to know on what evidence you can so confidently dismiss the
conclusions of others as "faith-based." Reading minds about
why people "strongly prefer" things isn't something that I was
aware was scientifically possible. Have I missed out on some
recent breakthroughs in the science of mind reading? If so,
please fill me in. That should make it possible to answer many
kinds of previously unanswerable questions about voting

-Ralph Suter

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