[EM] possible improved IRV method

Rob LeGrand honky1998 at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 27 09:43:37 PDT 2006

Allen Pulsifer wrote:

> I have a thought on a possibly improved IRV method that I would like to
> run by the list.

I believe the method you describe is essentially the same as one I called
Double IRV in the following posts:


I don't make it clear how to handle tied ranks, but your fractional
solution seems the most natural.  Are they the same or did I miss a
substantial difference?

> This method of elimination would seem to pass the Condorcet criteria,
> because in order to be eliminated, a candidate would have to lose a
> pair-wise contest against all remaining candidates.

Well, it is a Condorcet method because a candidate would have to lose a
pairwise contest against *some* remaining candidate, so a voted Condorcet
winner could never be eliminated.

Double IRV and BTR-IRV were two IRV-like methods I thought might be
salable to IRV advocates as worthy of their support.

Rob LeGrand, psephologist
rob at approvalvoting.org
Citizens for Approval Voting

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