[EM] PR via self-chosen districts?

Abd ul-Rahman Lomax abd at lomaxdesign.com
Sun Jun 11 10:49:25 PDT 2006

Just a note that Asset Voting, used multiwinner, effectively creates 
voter-discretion districts. Want a local district? Vote for a local 
candidate. If enough others do so, you'll have a local winner. If 
not, your vote won't be wasted, since your local candidate, noting 
the vote distribution he or she received, may well simply amalgamate 
your vote with the closest possible winner that is considered compatible.

What Asset would allow is for voters widely scattered across a state, 
for example, to still have an elected representative of choice, as 
long as the quota of them exists. It is their choice if they want to 
trade proximity for political compatibility. Generally, Asset Voting 
will not waste their vote if they fail to reach the quota.

I assume, though, that voters would generally prefer to have their 
State Representative have an office close to them, so reps would 
still have effective districts. They would know their constituency 
from the precinct votes that led, directly or indirectly, to their 
election, and this would be traceable (especially if a tranferring 
candidate specified the source of the votes being transferred, which 
would not be a part of the election method itself but which certainly 
could be mentioned by candidates assigning votes.)

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