[EM] Voting by selecting a published ordering (was sidetracked to EC)

Dan Bishop daniel-j-bishop at neo.tamu.edu
Fri Apr 28 19:43:38 PDT 2006

Simmons, Forest wrote:
> Steve E. wrote ...
> Now... can we please go back to discussing whether candidates would have sufficiently
> strong incentives to rank compromise candidates over worse candidates, when publishing
> their orderings before election day, assuming the voting method I repeated above?
> Yes!
> In your scenario of
> 35M  Bush>McCain>Gore
> 20M  McCain>Bush>Gore
> 45M  Gore>McCain>Bush
> Suppose Rove saw this coming, and not relying completely on slandering McCain this time, decided to publish the Bush ranking as
> Bush>Gore>McCain .

This could backfire.  Suppose the sincere preferences of the Bush voters 
were Bush>McCain>>>>Gore.  They'd be likely to choose McCain's list to 
ensure they got their "anybody but Gore" preference.

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