[EM] Amnon Rubinstein's Proposal for Electoral Reform in Israel

Dan Bishop daniel-j-bishop at neo.tamu.edu
Tue Apr 25 15:20:44 PDT 2006

Antonio Oneala wrote:
> */James Gilmour <jgilmour at globalnet.co.uk>/* wrote:
>      > Antonio Oneala> Sent: Tuesday, April 25, 2006 12:08 AM
>      > I've never really been a fan of STV-PR. It's still a system
>      > that's not independent of irrelevant alternatives, so in most
>      > states it squeezes out third parties and moderates, unless
>      > you expand the districts to an enormous size
>     On what evidence do you base this assertion?
>     Besides that fact that practically every country that has used STV 
> has boiled down to a more or less two-party system?
> it will usually have a "center squeeze" effect, whereby moderates 
> are eliminated first.  There's fewer opportunities for strategic 
> nomination than in SNTV, but still, a party can improve their outcome by 
> running fewer candidates than there are seats, and vote-splitting.  
> There's also the problem of non-monotonicity, and quite a few other 
> things.

Couldn't the "center squeeze" effect could be removed by using 
STV/Condorcet hybrids like CPO-STV 
(http://wiki.electorama.com/wiki/CPO-STV) or STV-CLE 

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