[EM] Voting by selecting a published ordering

Dan Bishop daniel-j-bishop at neo.tamu.edu
Wed Apr 5 12:30:13 PDT 2006

Anthony Duff wrote:
> --- "Simmons, Forest" <simmonfo at up.edu> wrote:
>>Note that Eppley's suggestion (in its simplest forms) requires only a standard
>>plurality style ballot, and each voter marks only one alternative (a candidate's
>>name or a code word for somebody else's published ordering).
>>This is exactly the kind of simplicity that we need to get a viable improvement
>>over plurality for public elections.
> This balloting method could use the existing plurality ballot.  That makes it
> extremely easy on the unsuspecting voter who simply turns up at the next election.
>  However, doesn't it leave open the criticism that you are introducing ranked
> voting "by stealth".

How about making it less stealthy by including the candidates' 
orderings?  A row of the ballot would look something like this:

[ ] HOWARD DEAN (Democratic Party)
     Bob Graham, John Kerry, John Edwards, Wesley Clark

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