[EM] Re: AWP versus DMC

James Green-Armytage jarmyta at antioch-college.edu
Thu Sep 8 16:56:38 PDT 2005

I wrote:
>> 	What is the simplest explanation of DMC?

Araucaria Araucana wrote:
>1. Drop any candidate defeated by any other higher-approved candidate.
>   We call any dropped candidates /definitively defeated/.  
>   Call the remaining candidates the Provisional Set (or P-set).
>2. Drop candidates defeated by lower-approved members of the P-set.
>3. There is one winner, the /definitive majority/ winner. 

	I personally find this explanation to be less easy to understand than
AWP. I also find the following "RAV" heuristic to be easier to understand
than the DMC heuristic.

1. Drop the least approved candidate until there is an unbeaten candidate.

	These are just statements of opinion.

my best,

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