[EM] RE: [Condorcet] Can we come to consensus?

Juho Laatu juho4880 at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Sep 8 07:57:47 PDT 2005

Hello All,

I'm very much in favour of trying to achieve consensus on what 
Condorcet methods to promote in public. I'm however afraid I have some 
opinions that may make this process a bit more difficult ;-). Are there 
any others on the mailing lists that feel that Smith compliance is not 
a necessary requirement? I mean that with sincere votes the best winner 
may be found outside the Smith set at least in some type of elections 
(that seek for a nice non-hated consensus candidate) if not in all 
elections. Forest mentioned also minmax in the Condorcet list as one 
candidate some time ago (August 30) but current list of three methods 
all seem to be Smith compliant (and by intention it seems).

The basic example and question is if A losing to B, C and D (all three) 
by 51-49 is worse than A, B and C each losing to one of the others by 
66-33. Minmax picks A as the winner but Smith compliant methods pick A, 
B or C.

BR, Juho

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