[EM] ERBucklin(whole) typo

MIKE OSSIPOFF nkklrp at hotmail.com
Sat Sep 24 21:12:32 PDT 2005


I'd said:

At such time as one or more candidates have a vote-total greater than the
>number of voters,

You wrote:

Is this not supposed to be number of voters/2, plus 1? If not, why? It seems
like a first-place majority candidate should win.

I reply:

Yes, of course--I meant a vote total greater than half the number of voters.

Sure, there are various ways of defining ERBucklin(whole). The most obvious 
is the one that doesn't meet FBC. I prefer the one that meets FBC. That's 
the one I defined.

Of course someone else may prefer a different wording of that definition. I 
merely worded it in the way that I prefer.

ERBucklin(whole) is better than SR, but a lot more complicated. In fact, 
ERBucklin(whole) is also more complicated than MDDA, a method that is better 
than ERBucklin(whole).

I don't consider SR a likely public proposal, except under the particular 
conditions I spoke of earlier.

Mike Ossipoff

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