[EM] A better Bucklin flavored FBC satisfying method

Simmons, Forest simmonfo at up.edu
Sat Sep 24 16:03:58 PDT 2005

Put some ideas from MDDA, Bucklin, and MMPO together, and what do you get?
I'll let Ted Stern name it, but here it is:
Collapse the top ranks as in Bucklin until (according to the collapsed ballots) there is a candidate undefeated by a majority.
If, at that point, there is more than one candidate undefeated by a majority, elect the candidate whose maximum pairwise opposition is minimal.
Note that in ordinary Bucklin the ordinal information below the eventual stopping level is wasted.  It doesn't matter if four levels or fifty levels are allowed, only the information in the top two or three levels ever gets used, since almost all voters will put one of the two front runners somewhere in the top two levels.
This new method remedies that.  Although it collapses ordinal information in the top few ranks in order to find a level at which not all candidates are majority defeated, it doesn't waste the remaining ordinal information.
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