[EM] DMC & majority defensive strategy criteria

MIKE OSSIPOFF nkklrp at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 21 15:51:25 PDT 2005


I'd just assumed that DMC woudn't meet SFC, because it isn't wv. But since 
then non-wv methods that meet SFC have been described. So it's worth a look.

I still say that DMC probably doesn't meet SFC. It probably meets SDSC. A 
majoriy preferring X to Y can rank X over Y, and approve X but not Y. While 
no one is unbeaten, and eliminations are happening, Y gets eliminated before 
X does. So sure, doesn't DMC meet SDSC, using my posted definition of voting 
one candate over another, and of voting two candidates equal?

SFC is more difficult, because it requires that as long as the CW>Y majority 
vote sincerely, and no one falsifies, Y must lose. They might not put their 
Approval cutoff between CW and Y. Say they approve both or neither, but the 
Y>CW minority all approve Y, but not the CW?  DMC probably doesn't meet SFC.

Mike Ossipoff

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