[EM] AWP versus DMC

Simmons, Forest simmonfo at up.edu
Wed Sep 7 09:01:31 PDT 2005

Dear James,
as I said in a recent message, I also think that AWP is more resistant to burying than DMC.  But until there is a simpler description of AWP, I will support DMC over AWP in the category of "Condorcet Public Proposals."
This brings up a question.  How good is MinMax(Approval Against)?
By "Approval Against" I mean number of ballots on which  X is approved and Y is not.
I bring this up because MinMax(Total Approval) turns out to be DMC, so it satisfies Smith and is clone-free, unlike MinMax(wv).
So I think there is a good possibility that MinMax(Approval Against) will be even better.
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