[EM] Re: 15 reasons to support DMC

James Green-Armytage jarmyta at antioch-college.edu
Mon Sep 5 14:16:59 PDT 2005

Forest writes, about DMC:
>17.  It is resistant to the burying strategy that plagues some Condorcet

	I think that this is an idea that should be supported and expanded.
Perhaps it is true, but I'd like to see an argument.
	I still claim that cardinal pairwise and AWP should have stronger
strategy resistance than DMC, but I won't restate my arguments here. I
tried my best to make them in March and April. 
	By the way, I think that DMC/RAV is a pretty decent method, and that it
is probably superior to Smith//approval and various other hybrids.
However, since AWP seems more strategy-resistant, it is my preferred
method to tally  cutoff ballots. 
	Unfortunately, I probably won't have time to argue about this in the near
future since I'm busy with my studies. I'm just renewing my vote of
confidence in cardinal pairwise, and hoping that it remains a part of the

my best,

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