[EM] An interesting different method of combining results across a spectrum

Kevin Venzke stepjak at yahoo.fr
Thu May 19 16:06:19 PDT 2005


--- Paul Kislanko <kislanko at airmail.net> a écrit :
> And, if the list finds Borda so terrible, why do we not complain about the
> Doctors using it to vote for our child's health? 

It would be Borda if each criterion (pulse, etc.) provided a ranking
of status possibilities (healthy, moderate, unhealthy), and each
possibility received points based on its positions.

Three reasons occur to me as to why I wouldn't be bothered:

1. We don't care about necessarily selecting the favorite status of
a majority of health criteria.
2. There is no nomination strategy here; we don't have to worry that
someone will enter numerous similar health criteria onto the ballot
which are really just variations on "unhealthy" ("really unhealthy,"
"subtly unhealthy," "deathly ill"), in order to favor that outcome.
3. There is no burial incentive: No health criterion will return the
ranking "Healthy>Unhealthy>Moderate" due to believing that "Moderate"
is the strongest competitor against "Healthy."

Kevin Venzke


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