[EM] Canadians on the way...

James Gilmour jgilmour at globalnet.co.uk
Wed May 18 07:25:27 PDT 2005

Stephane.rouillon> Sent: Wednesday, May 18, 2005 2:15 PM
> Subject: [EM] Canadians on the way...
> 56%
> BC almost did it.

The Elections-BC website (http://elections.bc.ca/elections/ge2005/refresults.htm) was last updated at 00.00 midnight
17-18 May, with Initial Counts from 35 electoral districts.  BC-STV got more than 50% of the votes in every one, but it
got 60% of the votes in only 3 of the 35.  Are the margins and the electorates of the remaining 44 likely to be large
enough to give the overall 60% of votes required?  It will be a tragedy if BC-STV wins every electoral district (60% of
districts required) but fails to get 60% of the overall vote.  We are watching with very great interest (and concern).

James Gilmour
Edinburgh, Scotland

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