[EM] Re: Criteria reply

MIKE OSSIPOFF nkklrp at hotmail.com
Sun May 15 22:54:57 PDT 2005

I'd said:

>It's gone because I told you you didn't have permission to have it there. 
>You discovered that it was "wacky" right about the time when I withdrew 
>that permission.

Russ says:

And it was right about the time I got on EM and started learning a lot
about election methods too. What a coincidence, eh.

I reply:

Wrong. You didn't achieve that complete transformation after learning on EM. 
You achieved it pretty much instantaneously when denied permission to have 
what I'd written. It wasn't a learning process. You began on EM with your 
newly-discovered opposition to everything that I advocated or proposed. You 
didn't change your beliefs on EM over time. You arrived with your 

Russ continues:

By the way, I'd be interested to know what others on EM think about
Mike's notion that he has the right to "withdraw permission" (see above)
to use "his" definition of CC on my website?

I reply:

Well, the last I heard, we still have freedom of speech, officially at 
least. I just finished explaining to Russ that I don't claim legal rights to 
what I wrote.

Russ continues:

Think about it. Mike wants
his version of CC it to be universally accepted

I reply:

That would be great.

Russ continues:

-- and he apparently
thinks he retains a de facto copyright on it too!

I reply:

Is that why I keep repeating that I don't claim legal rights to it?

But, as for websites, I'm content to have it at the barnsdle website. I 
admit that I am rather particular about what website has my materials. That 
is my right too. Maybe I can't legally prevent you from continuing to use my 
definitions, word for word, at your website, and I can't legally prevent you 
from featuring wv and SSD, and advocating Approval, whose advantages over 
IRV you learned about from me. If you have no pride or self-respect, you'll 
continue to have those materials at your website after I've withdrawn 
permission for you to have them there. And you've already demonstrated that 
that is the case.

Mike Ossipoff

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