[EM] Criteria reply

Russ Paielli 6049awj02 at sneakemail.com
Sat May 14 22:30:13 PDT 2005

MIKE OSSIPOFF nkklrp-at-hotmail.com |EMlist| wrote:

> Yes, I admitted a long time ago that I had your wacky CC definition at
> my website for quite a while. It is now mercifully gone.
> I reply:
> It's gone because I told you you didn't have permission to have it 
> there. You discovered that it was "wacky" right about the time when I 
> withdrew that permission.

And it was right about the time I got on EM and started learning a lot 
about election methods too. What a coincidence, eh.

By the way, I'd be interested to know what others on EM think about 
Mike's notion that he has the right to "withdraw permission" (see above) 
to use "his" definition of CC on my website? Think about it. Mike wants 
his version of CC it to be universally accepted -- and he apparently 
thinks he retains a de facto copyright on it too! I wonder if he thinks 
he can charge for its use?


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