[EM] over the top personal comments, revisited

Russ Paielli 6049awj02 at sneakemail.com
Wed May 11 22:41:03 PDT 2005

James Green-Armytage jarmyta-at-antioch-college.edu |EMlist| wrote:
> To Mike Ossipoff,
> Mike, you wrote:
>>Before I start, let me say that I resent some people's implication that 
>>there's no significant difference between me and Russ, as regards
>>level, off-topicness, and negative worth.
>>Yes, I've sometimes rubbed people's nose in it, but only as a last
>>resort. I 
>>try to make a "measured response", starting out very polite, and then,
>>a certain amount of arrogant, ill-mannered repetition, I mildly rebuke
>>person. Have you heard about those alarm-clocks that get louder gradually 
>>when you don't wake up?
> 	Mike, you seem to have missed the point of Rob's recent post. I will copy

Watch your step, you insolent punk. We should be thankful that the 
Master tolerates us so patiently and then only "mildly rebukes" us by 
calling us idiots and imbeciles.

By the way, I'd like to suggest an award that I'll call the "Craig Carey 
award," given to any EM participant who personally insults two or more 
other EM participants in a single post.

Hey, wait ... I vaguely remember reading something like this recently:

"I told James that replying to him is like being a highschool teacher in
highschool for problem students. But replying to Russ isn't like that.
Replying to Russ is more like trying to talk with a babbling, drooling
person whose meaning can't even be determined."

Congratulations to Mike, the winner of the first "Craig Carey Award."

When Mike "retires," I suggest he be appropriately honored by changing 
the name of the award to the "MIKE OSSIPOFF Award" (capitalization 
required). Maybe Craig will come back someday and win that one!

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