[EM] Re: Over the top personal comments

Russ Paielli 6049awj02 at sneakemail.com
Mon May 9 22:48:48 PDT 2005

Rob Lanphier robla-at-robla.net |EMlist| wrote:

> Please stop the personal attacks and profanity.  Attacking ideas is 
> fine.  Attacking people is not.

My sincere apologies for the profanity and the personal attacks. They 
were unnecessary.

Let me remind everyone, however, that I did *not* get personal with Mike 
until he started with his characteristic insults. I simply corrected his 
erroneous statement about the Condorcet criterion, and he rebutted with 
a flurry of patronizing personal insults, as he often does to me and 
others. If you don't believe it, read the archive.

You might also recall that Mike posted a despicable lie a few weeks ago 
to the effect that I had attempted to claim credit for "discovering" 
DMC/RAV. I then provided a link to my first post on the topic, in which 
I had clearly stated that someone else had suggested the method over a 
year earlier (but then apparently dropped it).

I'd rather be called a bad word than to have a lie started saying that I 
had tried to falsely claim credit for originating an important idea that 
everyone knows I didn't originate.

Let me point out also that I have consistently shown respect for 
everyone on this forum except Mike. On the other hand, Mike routinely 
disrespects, patronizes, denigrates, and insults several participants. 
My profanity was an inappropriate response to his offensive tactics, but 
complete passivity only encourages more of the same and leads Mike to 
think he is "winning" the debate.


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