[EM] Monotonicity example: CDTT,FPP vs CDTT//FPP

Kevin Venzke stepjak at yahoo.fr
Mon May 30 09:52:24 PDT 2005


The main reason to use the comma version rather than the // version
is monotonicity. This is a bit difficult to demonstrate with CDTT,IRV,
since neither version satisfies it. So here's an example using CDTT,FPP
and CDTT//FPP:

9 A
8 B
5 C
2 C>B

CDTT is {a,b,c}. CDTT//FPP elects A. CDTT,FPP elects A.

9 A
8 B>A
5 C
2 C>B

A has been raised on some ballots.
CDTT is {a,b}. CDTT//FPP elects B. CDTT,FPP still elects A.

This example works just as well for CDTT//DSC and CDTT,DSC.

Kevin Venzke


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