[EM] Approval/Condorcet Compromise

Gervase Lam gervase.lam at group.force9.co.uk
Fri May 27 19:14:27 PDT 2005

> Date: Sat, 12 Mar 2005 17:06:44 -0800 (PST)
> From: Forest Simmons
> Subject: [EM] Approval/Condorcet Compromise

> Kevin's Approval Runoff in which low approval candidates are eliminated
> until there is a Condorcet Winner, can also be described as follows:
> Pick the lowest approval score candidate that beats all of the
> candidates with greater approval scores.

I assume this is equivalent to Reynaud(Approval)?

I sort of followed this thread for quite a while.  While following the 
thread, I began to notice that the Approval cut-off always stays in the 
same place.

After each candidate is eliminated, wouldn't it make more sense to move 
the Approval cut-off up (or down) by one candidate on a ballot if the 
candidate that was eliminated was below (or above) the cut-off on the 
ballot.  This is why I prefer something like:

> One could dispense with approval if ballots are to be strictly ordinal
> rankings:
> List the candidates in order of average rank, from lowest to highest.
> Go up the list until you first come to a candidate that is not beaten
> pairwise by any candidate further up the list.

I also thought that may be MinMax(pairwise opposition) could be used 
instead of Approval.  But then this is equivalent to Reynaud(pairwise 


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