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MIKE OSSIPOFF nkklrp at hotmail.com
Tue May 17 20:40:42 PDT 2005

Paul says:

What Mike doesn't understand is that messages whose sole point is to attack
another poster obscure whatever it is he's trying to say.

I comment:

I've never posted a message whose only topic or purpose was to attack 
someone. I've criticized people in discussions of this list's topic.

But you, Paul, keep posting messages consisting of nothing but attack. 
Absolutely no content but attack. You do it all the time.

Paul continues:

OK, Paul says "it is none of Mike's business what Paul didn't understand
that Mike wrote."

It was an observation that did not call for rebuttal.

I comment:

You said that you didn't understand something that I said, so I offered to 
explain what you didn't understand, if you wanted to say what it was that 
you didn't understand. That wasn't a rebuttal.

Paul continues:

Can we get a moderator?

I comment:

You wouldn't want a moderator, Paul, because then you wouldn't be able to 
post all these off-topic messages that consist of nothing but attack.

But yes, it would be good if we could have a conduct-moderated list, so that 
someone like Paul couldn't post unless he actually had something to say 
about electoral methods.

Sorry, Paul, but I'm not going to reply to any more of your expressions of 
ignorant anger.

Mike Ossipoff

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