[EM] Paul: Logical arguments

MIKE OSSIPOFF nkklrp at hotmail.com
Fri May 13 22:29:12 PDT 2005


You said:

When I see a posting with an ad
hominem, I know that the author has nothing to contribute to my knowledge
other than that he or she does not know how to present a logical argument.

I reply:

If you're saying that I  don't know how to present a logical argument, then 
I invite you to show that none of my arguments are logical. You can start 
now, disproving each one of them, or at least a few of them, enough to make 
your point.

I think the term "ad hominem" overly flatters at least one of the people 
I've criticized. But, aside from that, are you really claiming that if 
someone criticizes someone, then nothing that that criticizer has ever said 
is logically argued? That itself sounds a bit illogical, you must agree.

As I point out to James, when I've criticized someone it's about their 
consistent, blatant, habitual departures from logical argument. And it has 
to be extreme and go on for quite a while before I criticize. Each criticism 
has followed an argument or statement of mine about voting systems. When 
I've criticized someone, it's always been about a statement that they'd just 
made about voting systems. So even my criticisms are on-topic. That can't be 
said for a few others whose criticisms have nothing to do with EM's topic.

Sure, some people criticize as a substitute for legitimate argument. I've 
often pointed that out when it happened. Are you actually saying that I do 
that? I've never criticized someone in order to evade the subject, but there 
are some here who, when they have no better argument, will resort to 
questing the motives of the person with whom they disagree, or otherwise 
changing the subject to the character of that person. People like Craig 
Carey and Russ, for instance, have done that on a regular basis. I never 

Mike Ossipoff

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