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One other thing that you're forgetting: While offensive order-reversal is an 
extreme and drastic offensive strategy, truncation needn't even be an 
offensive strategy at all. Truncation can be done just to deter offensive 
order-reverssal. In fact truncation can be done for no strategic reason at 
all. Usually truncation won't have a strategic motive. Some people will 
truncate because there are just people for whom they don't want to vote, 
from principle or due to distaste, etc. And people will truncate because 
they don't know much about all the candidates, or because they just don't 
want to take the time, or don't want to take the trouble, to rank all of 
them. Maybe the merit differences among their lower choices aren't so 
important to them. Studies have shown that to often be the case, that 
perceived utility differences between lower choices tend to be less. So it's 
not surprising if some don't rank all the candidates.

So your effort to equate truncation with offensive order-reversal won't 

As I said, there has always been much truncation in our EM polls. Not 
strategic truncation, just truncation.

In those polls, the SFC and GSFC compliance of wv was there to assure you 
that that truncation that always takes place, in the event that it caused a 
circular tie when there's a CW, as could happen, wouldn't be a reason for 
you to need to do other than rank sincerely. If you've taken part in EM 
polls, or in the wv polls at websites, such as the masquilier.org website, 
then you have benefited from the SFC and GFSC compliance of wv. That SFC and 
GSFC compliance makes wv more stable than other rank-counts. In particular, 
more stable than other pairwise-count methods, because innocently intended 
truncation won't mess up the result, cause a CW to lose, cause a majority 
wishes violation, or create a defensive strategic need for doing other than 
ranking sincerely.

Mike Ossipoff

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