[EM] Condorcet/IRV politics

James Green-Armytage jarmyta at antioch-college.edu
Mon May 2 04:38:07 PDT 2005

Mike, you write:
>Condorcetists and Approvalists can and 
>will sink IRV anywhere where they have the opportunity and the time to
>the people what IRV is like.

	This question is for Mike and anyone else who shares his goal as stated
	Let's imagine for the sake of argument that you organized a group of
persuasive/influential people to the end of opposing IRV, such that you
were able to have a significant impact in that direction. 
	Now, let's imagine that the IRV leadership noticed the impact that you
were having, and felt the need to come to some sort of compromise

* Scenario 1: Imagine that they agreed to take the position that
ER-IRV(fractional) should be used, and that plain IRV (not ER) should not
be used. I'm not saying that they will actually be willing to do this, and
I know that they may have ignored such suggestions in the past, but I just
want you to entertain this as a hypothetical scenario. 
	Would you agree to stop opposing their efforts? Would you add your
efforts to theirs?

* Scenario 2: Same as scenario 1, but with CWO-IRV instead of
ER-IRV(fractional). Same questions.

* Scenario 3: Same as scenario 1, but with ER-IRV(whole) instead of
ER-IRV(fractional). Same questions.


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