[EM] cyclic ballots

Brian Olson bql at bolson.org
Fri Sep 10 22:52:52 PDT 2004

Coming in late to the discussion, I'd like to contribute an angle I 
didn't read being expressed (sorry if I missed it).

In the example:
A > B > C > D > E
	E > B > C > D

I think the voter is trying to explicitly encode the kind of strategy 
that many of us are explicitly trying to prevent being exploited.

So, another way to say it:
I really really want A, but I really really don't want my E vote to 
detract from that.
But if I can't have A, I want E.

I think the second half of that second restatement is key. That a vote 
for some other choice not detract from the favorite.

I would guess that IRV is a good fit to Kislanko's desires from a 
voting system.

Brian Olson

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