[EM] Re: Election-methods Digest, Vol 3, Issue 18

James Green-Armytage jarmyta at antioch-college.edu
Mon Sep 6 17:57:16 PDT 2004

Alex Small <alex_small2002 at yahoo.com> writes:
>OK, well, let's sit down and chat.  I say to you "Paul, which candidate
>do you most want to win?"  You ponder it and then you give me an answer. 
>If you don't then you haven't made up your mind and you won't be voting
>in this election.  Or at least I assume you won't be voting, because you
>don't seem sure whom you want.
>Anyway, you give me an answer.  You say "I'll take candidate C_1, please."

	Right-o. Or, you might say, "I can't decide between C_1 and C_2, but I
know that I'd rather have one of them than anyone else in the race." So
we'd be on our way towards an ordering, with C_1 = C_2 > everyone else... 
	Then we can ask "if C_1 and C_2 both accidentally fell into an active
volcano the day before the election, then whom would you most like to fill
the office?"... and you might think about it and say "C_3", so we'd then
have C_1 = C_2 > C_3 > everyone else. And we can continue from there.


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