[EM] Kerry-Nader negotiation initiative

James Green-Armytage jarmyta at antioch-college.edu
Thu Sep 2 18:10:24 PDT 2004

	I agree with you very strongly on this issue. This is pretty much what
I've been saying since Nader announced he was running: he needs to
(attempt to, at least) trade a partial endorsement to Kerry in exchange
for platform concessions.
	So, I'd be happy to join your effort.
	The thing is, I worry that it may now be too late, in that Nader's
supporters and the Democrats have significantly alienated themselves from
each other, via Democrats challenging Nader's ballot access, and via
Nader's insistence that the difference between the two parties is a minor
	Actually, I haven't been tracking Nader's campaign lately... although I
agree with most of his platforms, I was kind of hoping that his candidacy
was fading away into the background, at least in the swing states, so that
it wouldn't hurt Kerry significantly. But I don't know if that's true. I
suppose in most polls where they measure the race with and without Nader,
Kerry seems to do about 1 percentage point better without, so Nader is
probably still going to have some impact if it's close.
	The problem that I had with this Kerry-Nader cooperation thing is
actually contacting either one of them to try to convince them to
cooperate. I don't have Nader's e-mail address, do you? I tried writing to
his campaign site, but you better believe I didn't get an answer. So,
access to Nader seems pretty limited, and surely access to Kerry is even
worse, if that is possible. If you have a solution to this problem, then I
am happy to try to help you implement it.

my best,

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