[EM] re topic policing

RLSuter at aol.com RLSuter at aol.com
Thu Sep 16 21:24:24 PDT 2004

Eric Gorr writes:

> >>Not sure why Colorado is doing this,
> >
> > Because the electoral college is widely recognized to be an
> >anti-democratic antique, left over from the time that ordinary people
> >were not trusted with the decision of electing the president.
> <topic police>
> This discussion is Off-topic...take it off list if you find it an 
> interesting topic.
> </topic police>

Is topic policing on-topic? Is there a list rule regarding topic
policing? And how important, really, is it to make an issue
of the particular infraction you have identified, assuming it
really is an infraction?

It seems to me that even if it is off topic, it isn't very far
off topic and could conceivably lead quickly back to an
important on-topic issue that otherwise would not have
been raised. It's not like James jumped in with a lengthy
discussion of the Iraq war or something else even more
distantly related to election methods.

-Ralph Suter

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