[EM] the name of the rose

James Green-Armytage jarmyta at antioch-college.edu
Tue Sep 14 19:47:36 PDT 2004

Dear folks,
	I don't expect anyone to care about this, but I just thought that I would
ask. Feel free to respond off-list if you prefer.
	I'm considering a change in the name of the voting system I've invented,
from "weighted pairwise" to "cardinal pairwise". The reason I'm
considering the change is that the latter seems more descriptive, and the
former a bit vague. I also worry that some will get the idea from the
former name that some ballots will be given more weight than others, or
something along those lines.
	Does anyone agree or disagree with the change, or have a suggestion for
another name entirely?

my best,

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