[EM] plurality, FPTP and runoff voting

Ma Anguo maanguo at giga.net.tw
Mon Sep 6 21:04:46 PDT 2004

Hello everybody,

I am getting confused. I always thought that plurality 
voting was an election where given a multitude of 
candidate, the voter could only choose one. (Am I right so 

For me, first-past-the-post (single winner plurality 
voting), runoff voting (two rounds plurality voting like in 
French elections) and proportional representation (multiple 
winner plurality voting) were all subsets of plurality 
voting: in any of those elections, the voter can only 
select one option among many.

Am I still right?

On wikipedia, they redirect plurality voting to FPTP voting, 
giving plurality a much narrower definition than I did.

Who coined those terms? What definition were given to those 
terms then?

In here:
runoffs systems are listed separately from plurality (which 
is assimilated to FPTP), but I would have done this:

1. Plurality
	1.1. First-past-the-post
	1.2. Runoff voting - Two Round System

I don't quite agree with the wikipedist approach: did I 
misunderstand something and their point of view the one 
generally recognized by everybody?

Thank you for your enlightening comments,


Condorcet, Approval alternative voting.

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