[EM] Re: Ranked choice ballots

Rob Brown rob at karmatics.com
Wed Sep 1 14:08:43 PDT 2004

Dave Ketchum <davek <at> clarityconnect.com> writes:
> I propose a ballot looking just like plurality would use to let voters 
> mark an "X" for one candidate.  Here voters could rank as many of the 
> candidates as they chose:
>       Either 0-9 or A-Z would be permitted, but not a mixture unless you 
> can sort out 01 vs OI.  0 and A are first choice.
>       Gaps permitted - simply sort in order.
>       Duplicates permitted - indicate same rank.

How do they mark them -- with a pen, making numbers and letters?  Isn't that 
subject to ambiguity if they make their letters/numbers imperfect?  (hanging 
chads all over again?)

I have a hard time seeing how ranking can be done well without a touch screen 
or other computer-type interface.


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