[EM] IRV in San Francisco

Paul Kislanko kislanko at airmail.net
Tue Nov 16 14:39:20 PST 2004

 Eric Gorr asked a lot of questions

> So, you now believe there is such a thing as an IIA spoiler?

I never said I didn't. I just said I couldn't get that there was from your

"With IIA, the spoiler is a candidate that is either added or removed 
from the ballots.

With ICC, the spoiler is among the ballots already."

Now, what I have come to discover because of the complete inability to stay
on topic is that the term "spoiler" is an undefined term that can be either
a synonym for an "irrelevant alternative" or a synonym for "clone" but
cannot be used as a synonym for both.

So to make things clear, the term "spoiler" should be avoided altogether or
modifed in use to be "IA-spoiler" or "Clone".

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