[EM] Spoiler Effect on Wikipedia

Eric Gorr eric at ericgorr.net
Fri Nov 12 15:52:40 PST 2004

At 12:25 AM +0100 11/13/04, Markus Schulze wrote:
>Dear Eric Gorr,
>you wrote (13 Nov 2004):
>>  I am not talking about the IIA variant that you prefer, but Dr.
>>  Arrow's variant (which does not involve probabilities - unless
>>  I am mistaken), so my question to you stands.
>So when you want to use the resolute model for IIA, then of course
>you also have to use the resolute model for ICC when you want to
>compare IIA and ICC. How do you define ICC for the resolute

I would suggest the one proposed by Dr. Tideman which I believe can 
be found here:


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