[EM] Re: IIA, spoiling & clone independence

Eric Gorr eric at ericgorr.net
Thu Nov 11 11:24:17 PST 2004

At 10:42 AM -0800 11/11/04, Steve Eppley wrote:
>Eric G wrote:
>>  On the current wikipedia page for the Spoiler Effect, it says:
>>    A voting system which satisfies the independence of irrelevant
>>    alternatives criterion is immune to the spoiler effect,
>>  Now, considering people use the term Spoiler Effect in
>>  the context of Independence of Clones Criterion,
>Really?  I consider some but not all forms of clone
>dependence to be cases of spoiling, but I don't recall
>seeing it used as a synonym for spoiling.

I never claimed it was a synonym for spoiling.

However, if an election method fails the ICC, it will be subject to a 
spoiler effect.

>What definition of IIA is used in Wikipedia,


>and what's their definition of spoiling?

This is what is being resolved at this time as well.

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