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Eric Gorr eric at ericgorr.net
Thu Nov 11 09:02:48 PST 2004


At 5:46 PM +0100 11/11/04, Markus Schulze wrote:
>>  On the current wikipedia page for the Spoiler Effect,
>>  it says:
>>     A voting system which satisfies the independence of
>>     irrelevant alternatives criterion is immune to the
>>     spoiler effect,
>>  Now, considering people use the term Spoiler Effect in
>>  the context of Independence of Clones Criterion , this
>>  statement would imply that satisfaction of IIR implies
>>  satisfaction of ICC.
>There are two concepts of "spoilers": Arrow's concept of
>"irrelevant alternatives" and Tideman's concept of "clones".
>Neither does Arrow's concept of "irrelevant alternatives"
>imply Tideman's concept of "clones" nor does Tideman's
>concept of "clones" imply Arrow's concept of "irrelevant
>alternatives". They are simply two completely different
>So instead of asking which concept of "spoilers" is
>correct, I suggest that the wikipedia page for "Spoiler
>Effect" should start with the statement that there are
>two completely different kinds of "spoilers" and then
>this page should discuss these two kinds of "spoilers"
>independently from each other.

I agree. I will make the changes soon unless someone else beats me to it.

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